About Taban Sandals local and foreign tourists in Bodrum, suffered for many years, is one of the famous boat. Also known as Bar Street Road, the Taban of the Republic of the classical Bodrum sandals leather sandals espandillere (Bodrum footwear), such as leather bags and accessories are key. Handmade Sandals committed beads, metal and adds a different kind of needle lace sandals while. Sandals on Taban in the order custom designs can also be done to the extent possible. Stitch, beaded, colorful tassels and gladiator sandals models, not only in Turkey Bodrum different designs are also very fashionable around the world. Sandals protecting the health of the foot. Bodrum is made of cow leather sandals cut-out for foot health. Acorn and pine bark are used with the skin for at least one year after standing in the water, processed and started the construction of sandals. So Bodrum sandals wearer's foot sweat ..